Saturday, 23 January 2010


BAKTUS PATTERN l sort of used but wrong weight yarn and this is a knitting pattern hehehe!

Crocheted mine in DC on a 5mm hook
l used a multi blue turquoise and lime DK 100% wool too heavy really and it's a bit itchy!!

So l'll need to remake in cotton for me and it should have been sock yarn which l'm sure is a lot finer so it didn't go as far as it should so need more research for the cotton one but it made a
nice quick Baktus out of 100grms all be it a skinny one!! lol

A Crochet Baktus
and this...


  1. Never heard of it...but I'm off to have look right now!!

  2. Norwegian Scarf!! lots of versions out there hope you like them as much as l do
    Hugs xx


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