Thursday, 21 January 2010


Bungalow wins so far but again we still need to sell this first....HIP done board up papers signed so a waiting game now!!

Ran out of grey wool!! l started another FAT BOTTOM BAG with yarn l know l had plenty of still needs a handle

Going to make one l think but not decided what sort yet Wooden? crochet covered plastic?

The multi pastel COLINETTE YARNS l had lots of.....must go to the mill it's not that far away

Kathryn your felting yarn eventually turned!!!! definitely won't be ready for your birthday but it will be ready for your next visit.....can't wait hugs x


  1. This is really cool and I love the yarn... Off to give it a closer look/find the pattern.....

  2. Love your new bag!! I HAVE this pattern, and just haven't tried it yet. I really like my bags BIG, and am hoping it might be easy to alter it to the size I'd prefer... LOVE the colors you used! ~tina

  3. I have just fallen in love with the Colinette yarns, but not a pastel shade ;-)

  4. I'm not familiar with the Colinette yarns, are they all wool? I'm so allergic. Lucky you to live close to a mill. Good prices when you go there to get the yarn? Love the bag and your color choices of course. You rock!

  5. Love the bag and am off now to view the colinette yarns..

  6. Superb! Love the colours ... :0)

  7. Hi all....glad you all like the Colinette yarns going to take a trip out to the mill soon can't wait but the bank balance probably can hehehe
    Barbara they are mixed so many to chose from l'm sure you would find something to love lol
    Hugs ALL XX
    PS.Ordered the happy hooker book yesterday too from all the research that's the place to find most of the best fat bottom bag patterns x


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