Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Little piles of hooky stuff

Going to brave the shops food a must in this house!!!.......Mr T gets very grouchy when he doesn't get his favourites...spoiled or what?


  1. Can't wait for the result of all this hookery...enjoy your trip to the shops..

  2. I have a cat just like that, can't wait to see what's brewing with all your hooking

  3. loving your work suz...........Wishing you and all a fab new year lots of love and hope to see you soon


  4. Truly, wonderful. The colors remind me of sea coral. Simply charming. Keep'em coming. We need our color over here in the frigggggde midwest.

  5. hehe glad you all like them so much still not sure what to do with them...cushion wall hanging bag!!
    still playing with the rug idea for now with the puffs lol

    Thanks Kaz happy New Year to you too cya soon xx

  6. Oooo,these look like little cakes, sorry still in Christmas feeding mode! I braved the shops (well John Lewis) on Tuesday and came home with lots of fabric remnants. Couldn't justify buying yarn I sorted out my stash and I seriously need counselling!
    Enjoy the retail therapy.

  7. Councelling!!!...l'll join you then hehe....trying to be good and use up before l buy more and spend January finishing a huge amount of stuff l started in 2009 l'm not good at finishing stuff..A New Year Resolution

  8. PS...Look forward to seeing what you make with the remnants....what colours did you buy?

  9. I bought two lots of plastic tablecloth fabric, one with mince pies and the other with 50's style robins on to make Xmas place settings, (forward thinking)! Some purple and turquoise seersucker,for my scrappy dolls, some William Morris print remmnents, not sure what I am going to use that for and some large floral curtain fabric off cuts, cushion covers for my bed.

  10. Hello!

    I just discovered your blog today via a mention on another blog and I have to say I'm completely smitten! I adore these 3D flowers! Oh my heavens. I would dearly love to try my hand at these, but have no clue where to find a pattern. Can you help? You can email me at jtomshack at gmail dot com. Absolutely wonderful blog you've got here. Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm off to look around some more. *Ü*

  11. Hi Jeanne...thanks for the kind comments and the 3d flowers are made up with all the little experiments l've done over the last few months I just piled them one on top of the other so a lot of the patterns are already on the blog some where or a link to anything l've used
    happy crafting
    Hugs Suz x


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