Sunday, 17 April 2011

Diagonal Crochet Cushion...16,472 Rainbow stitches later...

I was making the 24" cushion covers and as l plopped it down it just sort of fell into a square although l had made it as a straight cushion
Here is how...
1ST...l wanted a cushion with no ends and minimal sewing together when finished
So l did a chain then DC down one side of the chain PLUS one stitch EXTRA at the end back up the other side and ANOTHER EXTRA DC then SL ST to complete the round

I made my 24" cushions with 2 strands of DK using a 6mm hook,
With my tension  l did a CHAIN 50, you lose 2 chain with the first DC 
but gain the 2 stitches back with the extra DC each end
50STS and l did 39 ROWS
straight forward easy and you keep going until you have a bag big enough to fit the cushion
sew up the end or crochet or do a row of loops for buttons..what ever way you want to close it

on dropping the bag down it fell into a square a couple of times so the next one l made was made exactly the same way but with enough stitches to make the diagonal length of an 18" cushion
for me that was 60 sts..using 2 strands of DK and a 6mm hook
but you only need to do 21 rows fold the sides in and it makes a square
hey presto a 
looks like this until you do the folded sides
open it out and fold the diagonal sides into the centre and this is what you have...
keep going until it meets easily in the centre...
easily mind don't stretch it to fit
sew or crochet the seam with a cushion pad inside
or make a button and loop fastening if you want to be able to remove it for washing
this is what it looks like half done
quick easy and finished as you finish crocheting too
have fun
 pop back for stage two later in the week
Furballs need feeding so off to play Mommy for a while
Promise to get round you all and see what's been happening in blogland while i've been crocheting a rainbow


  1. Love love LOVE! How did you know that I have (okay only one square) a cushion in desperate need of covering! This is so sweet! Thank you so much for this clever little design. :)

  2. Beautiful !!!!

    Lovely greetings

  3. All the years I've been crocheting I have never made a cushion..never really wanted to until seeing yours the other day. Fabulous! As soon as I complete a few of my many WIP I will be making a few of these! Of course, I don't have that lovely orange sofa to sit them on..kinda takes the fun out of it..hahaha..Thanks :) Take care!

  4. Dearest Suz, I remember doing hot pads this way, now I want to do a pillow - you are an inspiration. Do pop over to my blog and see my little granddaughters.. we took them out to dinner last evening. :-)

    Hugs from Oregon, USA -- Teresa :-)

  5. Oh! Thank you! I'm going to make one of these =-) I'm thinking of making some pot holders this way, too, as someone here suggested. Lovely!

  6. What a fantastic pattern! One seam! Looks great.

  7. OMG wow i would never have thought to make covers this way, just tubes! i cant wait to pick out some yarn now!

  8. Thanks for the instructions, will be giving it a go!

  9. I have seen these cushions hudreds of time in envy, but I never thought to see if you had a tutorial. AAAAAHHHOOOWEEEE <-- thats my happy scream that goes with my happy dance. I want to make this for my daughter's room!!!


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