Monday, 10 October 2011

Mini Star Scarf...Sophie Digard inspired

Mini Star Scarf Pattern

I've added brighter 100% Merino centres to some of the stars to lift the darker colouring of the sock yarn, but you might like the darker look or just use a lighter sock yarn..lots to pick from and some are supper soft too.
l blocked the first few l made to see how soft it was going to be after washing
so you can see how they open up a bit when blocked (right hand side)

Not sure l've got the patience but it might make a pretty jacket
US Terms UK terms in brackets
sock yarn and a 3.5mm hook (a smaler hook made the stars a bit stiff)
For a bigger scarf
DK and a 4mm hook
Aran 5mm hook

For a 6 point star (Hexagon)

Magic circle or ch 4 and join with sl st into a circle
ROUND 1: continue in first col. ch2 counts as first dc [tr] to begin each round or do a dc [tr] standing start,
 12dc [12tr], into circle, sl st to complete, [12dc, (12tr)]

ROUND 2: att. next colour in any st, 2dc [2tr], in the 1st st, ch3, miss a st, 2dc [2tr], in the next st, ch3 miss a st,  2dc [2tr], in the next st, ch2, continue until you have 6 loops, sl st, to complete [6 ch3 loops]

ROUND 3: 3dc [3tr], ch3, 3dc [3tr], in each ch3 loop, miss a st, sl st to anchor in sp, between the 2dc [2tr], of previous round, repeat for all start point, sl st to complete.
Use the second of the ch3 sts, as a sl st to join the next star to the first repeat joining on 2 points in a row of 12 or more stars, then add stars to both sides of the middle row 

NOTES: For this Star Scarf l used Gruendl Hot sock yarn and 100% merino in a plain colour for the centres and a slightly bigger 4mm hook than recommended but l tried the 3mm hook and it made the stars a bit firmer than l wanted
some might prefer the firmer feel though

Have a Marvellous Monday everyone
hugs to all x


  1. Oh my yarn! This looks amazing! <3
    Very, very nice.

  2. Suz, it has been awhile since I have visited your pages and all I can say is WOW to all you have been up to. This pattern is just lovely as are all the previous flowers and projects. My, how do you do it all, you got some elves tucked away somewhere? I do like your new layout, it does make past posts a lot handier to skim through. Have a great week.

  3. Suz, that is just YUMMY!!!! Happy day to you my friend way across the pond!!

  4. Gorgeous yarn Suz and what lovely colours you've chosen too.
    A x

  5. I keep trying to leave a cooment and they just disappear!

  6. Ha! That one got through!!!!! I just spent ages telling you about my failure to make a knitted rope with a knitting nancy doll this afternoon at Annie's. We giggled but I thought - I bet Sue would have a way to do this in seconds. I think we need a web cam!! x Jo

  7. Ohh, that's beautiful Suz. Like the colours you use very much. I have made your star pattern in white with a little silver yarn, lovely too but different.
    Make it as a cristmas present for my mother, seven stars to hang down for the window.
    Have a lovely evening, greetings Truus.

  8. Again congratulations for the beautiful and original color combinations!! I follow very happy in your new publications.


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