Monday, 19 September 2011

Pattern for the Little chunky Bobble Flowers

Stand alone Chunky Flower Pattern

This Sample above l used 3 Strands of DK 9mm Hook
But you could make it with 2 strands and a 6mm hook

Round 1 Chain 4 and join with a slip stitch
Round 2 8 SC into circle
Round 3 Work from the back of the flower to make the bobbles pop to the front
SC into any stitch and a cluster of 2 Trebles then a SC in the next st and a cluster of 2 Trebles repeat until you have 8 stitch to complete the round
stitch to a variety of projects
Double Round Bobble Hexagon Pattern

For this sample above....2 Strands of DK 6mm hook
Can be made really chunky with 3 strands DK and a 9mm hook

Round 1 chain 4 sl st to make circle
Round 2 chain 3 as the first DC then do 11 more (12 total) sl st to complete round
Round 3 Work from the back of the motif to make bobble pop to the front
Attach wool with a SC and do a cluster of 2 Trebles in the same st then repeat in each st, sl st to complete round...12 bobbles
Round 4 back to the right side of the motif
Attach wool and so 2DC in the first st then 1DC in the next repeat 2, 1 until you have completed the round 36 DC in total sl st to complete the round
Round 5 Working from the back of the motif again to make bobbles pop to the front
Attach wool with a SC in first stitch then a cluster of 3 Trebles in the second stitch repeat sl st to complete round...18 bobbles
Round 6 Attach wool and do 3 chain as first DC plus 2 more DC then do 5 SC in the next 5 stitches
repeat 5 more times (6 sides in total)
I used Round 5 as the join as you go round, keeping the back ground to a minimum 

This is the original Pattern but with a Chunky Flower stitched to the centre
Original Bobble Hexagon Pattern

Magic circle to start or 3 chain slip stitch to make circle if you prefer
Round 1: 12 DC into circle (3 chain as first DC) sl st to complete round
Round 2: 24 DC two in each stitch below (3 chain as first DC) sl st to complete round
Round 3: 36 DC done 2,1,2,1 alternately slip st to complete round
Round 4: WORKED BLIND...from the back of the work so the bobbles are on the front
SC in first stitch doesn't matter which stitch then do two trebles as a cluster in the next stitch and a sc in the next stitch....repeat the bobble and sc alternately until you complete the round with 18 bobbles sl st to complete the round
Round  5: Back to the front of the piece again for this round
3 DC (first DC is 3 chain) in one of the sc below this will be the first corner
then do SC in the next 5 stitches then repeat until you have 6 sides complete sl to finish the Hexagon
I then joined as l went using SC 

Have fun hugs to all 
A Flower in a Star for Christmas tomorrow.....hope you'll pop back to see



  1. Suz, I love the vibrant colors that you use for these flowers. Thanks for the patterns. pdxDoreen

  2. EGADS... you've hit the color jackpot with the colorful flowers and the green outside and the PERFECT color of turquoise on the outside.. **PERFECTION**!! Thanks for the pattern, my dear!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Are original creations, colorful and very very nice :D

  4. Thank you for sharing your patterns. A lovely, lovely piece of work.

  5. Hi Suz, I would like to have half off your energy!
    Like your work very much.

    Love Judith

  6. You are such a clever lady, I can't wait to try out some of your patterns when my hook is free :) you make beautiful patterns

  7. That looks amazing I love your style.You are excellent at colour combinations wish I could do that.

  8. HI SUZ, Your flowers are beautiful! Can't wait to give them a try when I get a quiet moment. Thanks for the pattern.. sue~n.z.

  9. I am making my first african hexagon flower blanket. I hope I have enough yarn but it will be as big as what I have. I love this pattern but adore your version of it! I will have to give this a try when I finish my blanket.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  10. Hello,
    sooooo beautiful!!
    Greet Crissi


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