Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Crochet stars..Fill-ins and 'Join as you go' SC and another Crochet Star to play with

Joining Stars
Midnight Sky Stars
Fill-in pattern
Round 1: Attach yarn at a star point 
1tr [1dtr], 3dc [3tr] 1tr [1dtr] into the middle st at dip sc into next point
repeat for all dips x6

Round 2: then 'Join as you go' in this round
with a sc [dc], in every stitch with sc [dc], ch3 sc [dc], at the points

the picture collage written instruction is incorrect but the pictures are useful 

The White Frosting
and another star for you or is it a flower? 

In the Pink
 Ch4 and sl st into a circle or a finger wrap of 4 wraps.

Round 1: ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 11dc [11tr] into circle (12 dc [12tr])

Round 2: ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 1dc,  in first st, 2dc [2tr], in second st, ch2,  repeat to end sl st into  first st to complete (24dc [24tr])

Round 3: att. yarn in any ch sp,  5dc [5tr],  into the centre of the dip,  sl st into next ch sp,  repeat until 
6 points, sl st into first st, to complete. (6 points)

Round 4: att. yarn in any point, 3dc [3tr], into the dip one side of the sl st, ch3,  3dc [3tr], into the other side of the sl st,

photograph will help here
sl st into next point repeat to end, sl st to complete

Make as many as required and join as you go at points of round 4.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. 


  1. Beautiful and colorful stars. Be the first ornament for my new Christmas tree :)
    Antara Celetna (buscando comienzos)

  2. I love the star pattern, great for Christmas!

  3. Gosh Sue, you work so fast, can't wait to try these out :D
    Karen x

  4. Wow Sue - love the stars! Specially with the white border - could be perfect for the table runner I've been mentally planning for months ...

  5. Hi Suz,

    You are really on a roll girl!!!
    I love all the patterns you have been posting, but I'm "Ín Love" with the stars.
    So of course I had to try one!!! It's so cute!!
    Thanks again!!!


  6. I like the colours of your new star. You have been busy.

  7. My fave is definitely the one with white.. it make the color *POP* out of the motif. You're so fast and productive! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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