Thursday, 7 July 2011


 This granny square was made in July 2009 and then made into a rug in November 2009...
lots were left over, l found them the other day......and because l couldn't work on the swing seat cover
yesterday decided to try and finish the 3rd project, almost but not quite finished 

Just popped in for some ivory wool but came out with one or two yummy new yarns to play hooky with
isn't this lovely?...A random Cotton/viscose/bamboo yarn and a quick Japanese flower

l still have quite a few of the granny squares left to play with too...mmmmm 
another project for the weekend away?
I see l've reached 500! welcome to the blog, 
l'M real happy to share any patterns with you all, mail me if you need any help with any project or pattern
all l ask is that you kindly link back to me and my freebies
Thanks everyone

VW Camper show at the weekend so cya next week
have a fabulous weekend everyone
hugs and happy hooking all


  1. Hope you have a great time at the samper show and the sun shines for you :-)
    A x

  2. Camper show!! ....fingers work quicker than the brain!!

  3. I really really love the rainbow grannies. that's so cute. like a rainbow field of colorful daisies!!! --- Bri

  4. Wow it's so colourful! Two Years... it turned out lovely and I think it was worth your patience ;)
    I'm also very curious what you're goin to make with those leftover granny squares!

  5. Thanks every one
    Lily..well it is round and long and cosy under the this space lol
    Hugs all x

  6. Your blanket is gorgeous, please please share the yarn you are using. I love the colors and I can't seem to find anything around here close to those colors. Have fun this weekend!

  7. isaksmom..mostly Stylecraft but any so long as it is the right colour and soft like Stylecraft
    I often blend 2 or 3 strands together to get the right colour too
    Hope that helps
    Suz x

  8. Suz I love this blanket! The colors are beautiful and bright.
    xo Susan

  9. More hooky gorgeousness!! Have a great weekend - hope you don't get too weighed down with orders for VW pics! lol x Jo

  10. Way to go. I'm right there behind you. Just remember back in the days when we started. I can still spot a SUZie right away from a mile away. Great colors. Wonderful new yarn find.

  11. Have fun with the Camper show Suz! Your flower granny squares are just gorgeous! Love all of your work.

    Hugs XX

  12. Suz, I adore the bright colors in the grannies.. hope the show is great for you and I do hope you share photos.. have fun!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Thank you Suz, yes it does help. Thankfully I am able to get the wonderful Stylecraft shipped directly to me from the UK at a bargain price I might add. I love it and am working up a few projects with some Special it!

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  14. Wowww I love you're WIP's beautiful !!!!


  15. Erin from downunder9 July 2011 at 00:53

    Hi Suz - love your daisy granny squares - you have a wonderful eye for colour :) And thanks for the tip on mixing two strands together to get a right colour. Why didn't I think of that?? :p

  16. Erin from downunder9 July 2011 at 01:03

    Btw have you seen this blogspot:
    for some a m a z i n g teardrop camping trailers??? So clever!

  17. Hi Suz, some more of those beautiful happy colours that inspire. Thank you. Lesley x

  18. I saw ablanket similar to your granny squares and how you joined them in a crochet book I bought a few months ago, and your blanket by far is the prettiest. Such eye popping colors. There is so much of yours I want to make for myself that I don't know where to start. ; )
    Susan from Michigan

  19. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments just back from a very sticky weekend with hundreds of campers..everyone it's own look and a lovely bright colour or two to feast your eyes upon
    JUST CLEARING THE you get lots of junk fed up with some of it l really am
    Bath and hair wash next to feel human again and pictures and post by the morning
    Hugs Suz x


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