Sunday, 26 June 2011

Well it poured and it poured yesterday...but look what arrived this morning....

the sunshine and a garden full of beauties 
the creamy white lilies came out to play and the roses shouted for joy....

Everything seems to have enjoyed the rain yesterday..even me l stayed in and tried to find a new project to play with...and reflected on the time of year, you know its around this time, 
give or take a couple of days, since l started this latest woolly adventure


It was just before my Birthday 2 years ago, on the 24th June
Hyperbolic crochet and a trip to the local Wool shop was the start of a wonderful journey of colour and fun....and friendship
A few days later l was playing with stripes and circles

and yesterday l played with triangles...

No idea where this one is going yet..but l'm still having lots of colourful fun with a little hook and a ball or two of wool

Surrounded by flowers...and friends
 and the sun is shining too
 life is great

Sending all you lovely people out there a flowery hug today and a thought for you all

 Don't Give up or Give In........

No one can go back and make a brand new start.


 anyone can start from now and make a 

brand new ending.

Hugs to all
Just looked back at the post and the people that must have started me off thinking about crochet something l hadn't done for a few years....take a peek


  1. Thanks for the lovely flowery hug...those are beautiful images from your garden ...I just heard some sad news and seeing those cheered me up!

  2. Fabulous pics,Fabulous Work,Fabulous Words!Good Sunday to you too.x

  3. Hi Deedownunder..sorry to hear you had some sad news but glad l could cheer you up a little and thanks Nana GoGo you too
    Hugs to both xx

  4. Suz, I don't think I've ever seen such wonderful colour and so closely connected to the colours in your garden.
    Just beautiful.
    Thanks for your cheery message.

  5. What a beautifully colourful post on this sunny day :-)
    A x

  6. Lovely post suz, a great way to start my day!

  7. I love following your blog....always makes me happy.
    Thanks for the pom pom maker tutorial. I have one and could never figure it out properly...i even have one of the heart ones.
    Could I ask a favor? How about a tutorial about how to weave in all the ends properly? I am so bad at it.

  8. WOW... This is some posting. Amazing what we can find to do if it rains. Tomorrow here.

  9. Dear Suz, what a bright and colorful post! Your garden sure is blooming for you!! I actually made triangles like that and made a bunting out of them. Problem is, they curl at the bottom... anyhoo, thanks for a color boost to my morning! Love you.. Teresa


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