Friday, 7 January 2011


Inspired by a fellow crochet blog Haken...en meer 
a Dutch girl and a fabulous crochet artist adore her sofa picture it inspired me to try her circular cushion
l'd like to do a bedroom makeover to look like her cosy sofa

I finished my larger drawstring version of her cushion late last night

goes well with the other two on the sofa in my craft room l think...
the old ones are looking a bit worse for wear, they are well over 12months old and regularly slept on by the furballs
bit dark but taken late last night and it hasn't got a cushion inside it yet

After taking all the Christmas decorations down every where looks a bit bare so l added a couple of Anemones to the vase light

I found ONE box of half finished project that have inspired me to finish them and get creative but 
Blue Moon to finish first 
and then l think the ripple blanket... 
almost covers out 6' bed but still have a few rows to do...never again will l make anything so big!

Enjoy your day everyone
hugs xx
UPDATE: Asked permission first but Claire has kindly given me permission to use her sofa photograph to show you how wonderful it is
Thanks Claire
Isn't it gorgeous?...
don't think l have quite got the colours right in my drawstring version but as close as l could get without buying MORE yarn! lol
hugs to Claire xx


  1. Gorgeous colours on your blog today Suz. Really cheery.
    A x

  2. Lovely post today,and those cushions are fab. My calendar had arrived safely when I got in last night- I love it thanks!x

  3. Gorgeous cushion. Love it. x

  4. Hi there, your crochet work is gorgeous, I just love it!!! I am new to your blog, love it btw and have added you to my blogroll :) xxx

  5. It's a gorgeous cushion!! The yarn I use is Catannia Coton, used by hook 3,5.
    Lovely work, love the colours!!!!!

  6. love the cushions, and got my calendar when I arrived home from work today so thank you soo, much. Nicky xx

  7. Thanks all
    Hope you enjoy the Calendar Denise and Nicky
    Hugs to all xx

  8. Scrummy colours on your blog today Suz. That drawstring cushion cover looks lovely. And Claire's sofa looks absolutely wonderful - I would love a comfy-looking sofa like that in my Lounge!


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