Saturday, 12 June 2010


Thanks for all the great comments on the bag....want to make another one now and they have some new felting yarn out but need to order it not local...Barbara it measures about 10" now strap and sides of bag about 1.5" wide and strap is 29" long
l'll do a tutorial for it on Monday for those who want it but very simple two AF Hex's and then a strap of 2 rows of DC and two SC with a join as you go method for the strap but will add pics so you can see what l mean if you need it
Have a fun weekend all and l'll catch up Sunday night off to a VW Camper show for the weekend
Hugs all
Glad you are feeling better K xx


  1. Believe it or not. I actually think I might be able to handle this one. I must have some felting wool around here someplace.

    Off to look at the Stash,


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