Thursday, 3 June 2010


Little bit of shopping for Noo Noo and another cushion blanket project...................
Was making a lanket for Noo Noo but decided to start again and make a couple of cushions and a blanket using the colours in the Union Jack cushion we bought today for her
Yet another project to play with...we are away with Noo Noo for the Bus Stop over and Dubs and Rods the next two weekends do l'll get quite a lot done then l hope
Remembered this half done cushion too might fit in....
Acrylics and not Merino like the AF's but if l add some cream to it l think it will fit in too!

Think l need a plan of action for all these projects don't you? lol
Sweet Dreams all xx


  1. Seriously, how did you get three postings in here. So much fun to see. Love the sage, pumpkin and sunflower colors of Noo-Noo's new pillow to be.

    Thank goodness that lamp didn't break or we all would be cry big tears.

    You VW is a classic. I'm gathering you are getting ready to hit the road. But, please do come back, Jack. We will miss you.


    P.S. You are seriously addicted to these A.F.s, what's it take ya, about a minute each.

  2. The colours of your AFs and cushion (in the last pic) are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. wonderfull colors bellissimi colori ciao Daniela

  4. Sue - I love your new cushion - I did laugh because I have bought the same cushion but in a different colourway - all I need now is the camper van - lol
    Have fun

  5. Goodness, when you start redoing you just go all out don't you? LOL I love all of it!!! You are incredibly talented Sue!

    Hugs XX

  6. Thanks everyone you don't know how pleased l am that you like my colouring...been a life times study
    When l was a coloage one tutor told me my colour choices were awful!!!
    So made a point of trying harder!! lol
    From what you all are saying it's paid off

  7. LOVE the colors! Your tutor didn't know what they were talking about or your efforts to improve definitely paid off! That cushion is great and your flower colors complement it wonderfully.

    You must be one super fast crocheter to make such great progress on all your projects!


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