Friday, 25 June 2010


Glad you enjoyed the colour therapy info seems there are more out there interested in the help that colour changes can make in your life!

link to colour therapy site...
Played about with the square AF this morning so now have one l'm happy with l've done a tutorial and photos for anyone interested....

Start is similar
row 1....chain 6 
row 2....2dc 1 ch 2dc repeat 8 times
row 3....2dc 2chain 2dc repeat 8 times

row4....5dc in each of the points (normally it's 7 but made it very frilly and was hard to lie flat)
but with 5 dc as the head of each of the 8 petals it lies really flat

row in each dc stitch with a spike stitch down to row 3 in between each petal

start at the 1st stitch after the spike st
2dc in each stitch then the next st it's 1dc 1ch 1dc (point of petal)
then 5dc in next 5 sts then 1dc 1ch 1dc in the next stitch (point of petal)
next miss a st and do 2dc in each of the next 2 st then a chain and miss a st
rep 4 times
You will now have the beginnings of th 4sides 
can you see that you have a slightly longer filled in side and a smaller end with a hole in it?
that shorter end will be the filled in corner
row 7...Start to the side of the 'hole' missing the 1st st

2dc in next 2sts then a sc in the chain and 6sc in the next 6 sts sc in the chain then miss a st and do 2dc in the next 2 sts

next do 2trebles 3 chain and 2 trebles in the 'hole' miss a st and rep 3 times to make 4 sides

square corner made!!!!

Hope that helps with a square AF....l used a double strand of DK Acrylic and a 6mm hook for these sample

Have fun and now l must get going Mr T is having a return trip to vets....think they are a bit puzzled with what's up too!!!
Slightly better again but now shaking his head and has what seems like the snuffles 1st thing in the morning
still eating his special tinned tuna and lots of water and sleeping a lot!
Get well soon Mr T 

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