Friday, 14 May 2010


Love these soft colours...used the 100% Merino wool doubled the thread and used a 5mm hook

Came out about half an inch bigger than the Acrylic DK l've used up till now with a 4mm hook
Kathryn my friend is coming over on Saturday looking forward to showing her the new house
Hope you all have a happy hooky weekend hugs xx


  1. Ooer Suz. What yummy colours those latest ones are :-)
    And yes I'm hooked :-)
    A x

  2. Wow! I can't believe how many flowers you've made in such a short space of time! You must crochet at super-human speed! I just love the colours you're using. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. xx

  3. ICKs... Your hooked. I love them. Just worked on a few this afternoon. Not sure what they will turn into. Maybe, a bag, maybe a pillow, maybe a blanket... but I really want to think of how to make them into a sweater. My brain is in overload on this one and probably way ahead of my skill level, but what the heck. We shall see.

    Do you seriously have all those cones of year? I'm so jealous of all the wonderful yarns I see over there. I need to make a trip just to yarn shop.

    Sorry, to hear about your plants. I have something dig in my front too. I'm thinking the skunk is back that was hanging out last summer.

    Have a happy African Flower Weekend. Promise not to be so serious as my post was today next time. Family Obligation.


  4. Oh Suz I just love the flowers! They ust get prettier and prettier. Loverly even!


  5. Thanks all and it takes me about half an hour to do one AF complete 6 rows didn't think that was very fast!!
    Hugs All sun shining bright here so dday in garden playing hooky l think!


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