Sunday, 7 March 2010


But she will be here next Sunday but look what she sent me......
WOW!!!...Haven't they grown???.....and soooooo cute

A NUMBER FRAME....mmmmmm!!
It's really a mirror but l wanted to see what the numbers l printed and cut out would look like as a picture frame

Might make a border with them not sure yet just experiments in black and white for the new home to be...did l say l can't wait to get my hands on the place! hehehe

James had a lorry run into the back of him in a queue..never rains but it pours.....he has pains in his back now so do hope it's nothing serious...he could do with a bit of good luck for a change

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  1. The puppies are getting cuter by the day! I like the picture frame, that's quite neat!


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