Monday, 15 March 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY..hehehehe now Kathryn has seen it l can show you what it looks like
K chose the colours and asked that l line it and add a phone pocket too..anything for my best friend

Glad you had a wonderful nights sleep after weeks of getting up to feed those cute little puppies
and before you ask Kathryn's OH Andy is looking after the babies lol

Thanks again James love the gorgeous colour Tulips and that perfect card will be hung on my new bedroom you lots 
He couldn't have chosen a more perfect card a favourite period of design and just the right colours for the new bedroom


  1. Hey suz....fab bag love the colours, mmmm tulips are my fav too, glad you had a great day


  2. You too have such a well trained son, why can't husbands be trained that easily???????
    Beautiful fleurs and very you card.
    Take care......Nicky x

  3. Great bag. I bet your friend just loves it! ... :0)

    Love your tulips and card too.

    Shirl x

  4. love the colour of those tulips!
    great bag - great flowers! is the flower pattern your own?will you share it with us please??


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