Thursday, 7 January 2010


been making plans...

A white kitchen for the bungalow would be 1st on the list
and a nicer stone fireplace than is there already would look great too hehehe
not got to the bathroom yet hehehehe


  1. Isn't it soooo much fun to dream and look at all the fun options. I could take anyone of those fireplaces.

  2. Love all the choices you're looking at. The fireplace would really feel nice right now with roaring logs in it. Can't wait to see the bath ideas lol.

  3. Ooooo, these are lovely ideas, just got to get the bungalow now aye?
    Nicky x

  4. that is sooo true Nicky praying hard and crossing everything she would accept our offer if we had sold but won't consider it until we have a buyer
    If it's meant to be!!!
    Hugs ALL and thanks for all the good wishes..pray for a quick sale for me will ya
    HUGS xx


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