Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Can't get to view till Monday at 10.30 belongs to a builder who is building a house in the country so should be beautifully presented and well built well within the price range and about 2 miles from Phil's work
Main bedroom is slightly bigger than the one we have now but with and en suite yeeeerr!!
and an extra bedroom and the conservatory is bigger than ours and a 2 story double garage perfect for what we want

Keep your fingers crossed it feels good when we get to see it in the flesh!!


  1. It looks like a blank canvas just waiting for some Suz colour!! Hope the viewing goes well.

  2. I hope your viewing goes well also. I think this is definitely something that you could turn into "yours". LOL

  3. Thanks both need to have the right feel though..we both go on the 'feel' of a place when we look around
    watch this space hehe
    Hugs Suz x


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