Sunday, 27 December 2009


Puffs from my new book
I had problems with the instructions but worked it out in the end lol

Love this little puff design have made it up with a variety of stitches from DC to TREBLE TREBLE...the original is trtr
The underside l always used the same stitch though and they are very quickly and easily stitched to make the squishy puff
Nor sure what to do with them yet but having fun making them

Well one of them is to start projects early so other than a couple of Birthdays l think VALENTINES DAY will be the next celebrations

Did start to make lots of hearts....
some thin card machined into garlands and some distressed wooden ones with the new band saw we bought a few months ago for craft projects but l want to make some crochet ones aswell

Not sure how long this will last though

CHRISTMAS COLLAGES: Said it all all for me this year the 'KEEP CALM....OH WHO ARE YOU KIDDING!'

Need to make a new to do list....
the fireplace must be the 1st thing on the list still needs the final coat of paint to finish it off

Need to find a good method of storing all the paper garlands l've made too!
Or another few hours of work will be lost again this year

HELP! l can see the to-do list growing already!!
Believe it or not OH has booked us a nights camping in Noo Noo with the JUST KAMPERS group this week!!.....MAD or what?
Woolly knickers weather...
We have to take a Secret Santa Pressie and going for a Christmas meal at the local pub...thaw out most probably!!!


  1. hehe present bad habit of shortening words sorry xx

  2. Exacty what l said!! hehehe

    Anyways he decided yesterday because of the forecast of snow we would give it a miss...yeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh hehe


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