Friday, 16 October 2009


Always adored this page of.....

she's Dutch...and that may explain why it's
still a very contemporary book after 12years......and very me right now
Got lots of acrylic yarn l want to use up so doing a practise run of a ripple blanket...inspired by Attic24 one of my favourite bloggers

Not actually using Lucy's pattern but a simple increase decrease every 5th stitch
2strands of DK or Chunky ('cos that's what needs using up) and an 6mm hook
and a single row of each colour.........

Ripple is there but the look isn't a double sided ripple band like Lucy and others use
So many variations on a theme that could be used to make the pattern original and not infringe on copy right
I'm a speed merchant and wanted the simplest and fastest ripple to use this yarn up
trying out colour combo l have 7 colours being worked at the same time....not such a good idea though!!
Love the 1st 4 colours in the top right pic....but this is use up time and l don't really want to buy much more of this yarn if any to finish it so it's got to be a multi colour project

May do another in just greens and blues after the snuggly pure wool one l'm planning for the Ripple CAL on Attic24 Inspired Flickr group....
some wonderful work and worth a look


  1. Hi suz!! Wish i could are so clever, good luck with the project. No blanket was a disaster but did pick up a load of jumpers from charity shop so playing with them. Off to check out attic 24! Have great weekend lovely out there


  2. Thanks so much for signing up to follow my little blog. I'm loven' yours here. I have always wanted to try one of those ripples with a single row. This is a great inspiration to give it a try. I love the pastellie colors tooo.. Very Yummieeeee

  3. Hi Kaz and Kate
    No probs with the crochet l'll show you how come for tea one day and l'll start you off be very aware you'll not be able to out it down though hehehe another addiction on the way to you!!

    Hi Kate thanks love your blog too and adore that random yarn you a real individual look to your ripple blankets a real favourite of mine from the the Attic24 inspiration ripples

    hugs to you both xx


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