Friday, 30 October 2009


Love pale grey so l bought some pale grey cotton from ColourMart last week especially to make myself a cowl only took me about 3 hours to make too and it's a perfect home for the gorgeous pressie l got from Kaz....what do you think Kaz?
I can change the flower as its a broach if l want the cotton cowl to co-ordinate with different outfits...think it goes very nicely with my PJ's though......was sooo chuffed with it l couldn't wait to take the pics!! lol

Phil wants one for Noo Noo a scarf is a must in the camper when it gets colder so making him a simpler chunkier one in stripes


  1. Looks great! Like a cross between a necklace and a scarf.Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks took the words from my mouth exactly what l wanted it to be...and thanks will do my best hehe weekends with out OH so always my playtime lol x

  3. Suz.....I just love this idea!!! Looks so gorgeous!! Love the combination of scarf and necklace so differnt to anything on the high street really unique! Like the idea too that you change the brooch too, you are so clever!! I am blown away that it only took 3 hours to make!! Just fab!!


  4. Oh that is perfect.....its so pretty1x

  5. Love this idea. Especially, with being able to change out the brooch to suit your mood of the day.

    Have a great weekend with your new scarf. Head on out, it's perfect.

  6. Perfect work. THey all look great. Kind regards Suz!

  7. very pretty! only 3 hours your hook must of been smokin hot!

    At least u got the bathroom sorted hehe! have a good weekend.

  8. ooooh thanks all so many compliments it really is cosy to wear though...half way through a blended stripy one for Phil he chose the colours but out most of the weekend so not much hooky stuff for me l'm afraid!!
    but thank you all for the kind comments
    Arty...the bathroom!!!!!...l wish hehe

  9. Thanks Maria....all this crochet is distracting me from other more important jobs l'm afraid hehe x


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