Monday, 17 August 2009


2.30 Pmacs got his gloves on and the thick black adhesive in a roses tin to paint the roof ready for the felt
1.00 the roof was on didn't we do well...both of us have a pain in the back now...ooooops
11.40 ta...dahhhhh its up and half the roof is on
10.30 we had 3 cuppas 3 arguements and three sides up!! hehehe
10.30 saw base and two sides up and all in the 1st cracking on fast as the delivery was at 9.30 not bad hey!!!

6.15 Now and we both have had enough ache like mad and still need to get the second side of the roof painted with adhesive and the felt on incase it rains over night....aaaaarrrrgghhhhh
wish us luck
real pleased though one old shed empty and ready for the new owner tomorrow..where's my bed


  1. Love that shed!!!! When can I move in??!!!
    Well done there!!! ; )

    Sharon xx

  2. So Lucky to have a man who will build you a little crafting shed!!!
    (My guy's out back -building a shed for a work out gym! boo hoo)
    Can't wait to see how you fix it up!!!

  3. Hehehehehe exactly what we said may make up a sort of bed in mine when it's up just for a photo session lol
    Mirtooli...He's a real love but we help each other l'm not always a girly girl hehehe....tough nut me lol
    Mine should be up this afternoon then need to insulate and board out then thinking (girly girl here) pretty pink rose wall paper hehehe


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