Saturday, 18 October 2008


Got back about 5 yesterday morning a wonderful week in the Playa Blanca sun....lots of camels and volcanos in the south loved the area of Playa Blanca the Hotel Corbeta was a great choice....5 pools including a shute, brilliant food and a terrific bungalow...after we worked out the numbering system and found it at midnight!!....ooops waking up a Belgian couple as we tried to break into the wrong one!...highly recommend it
Spent far too much...jewellery is fantastic bought lots of cheap beads to play with and a gorgeous 'Salvatore' silver ring reminds me of a volcano...thought that very apt for Lanzarote will take a pic and add also bought 2 new swimming costumes l sooooooo needed...'Parah' Italian design love the colour and cut...and no your not seeing any pics lol


  1. It looks you had a great time. Picture are very good for 'taxidiaris'!

  2. hi Phil...thanx 254 pics altogether l had fun hehehe
    Do you want me to add to Taxidiaris then not sure how but will do if you let me know

  3. Suz, Choose 30 pictures and send them to my e-mail writing of course which places are, and I'll take care the rest!

  4. Gorgeous photos Suz! Glad you had such a great time honey!
    The Corbetta is just a hop skip and a jump from our old place... and we've heard great reports about the place. Didn't know they had a flume though!
    Don't suppose there's any chance of a link exchange is there? With ?
    Elle xx

  5. Hi Phil thanx will do asap maybe monday though before l get to do selection....bit of washing to catch up on first lol

    Elle..thanx really had a wonderful time and we do love Playa Blanca and the south of island...added my blog to on a message and will add site to my list of travel sites
    The Corbeta was brill we would certainly recommend it


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